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Welcome to the world of ZEPETO.

Since our launch in 2018, we have grown into a global trendsetting metaverse used by over 300+ million people in nearly 200 countries. We provide a virtual space where our users can create whatever they imagine and share it with the world. Our ambition is to become the world’s leading virtual platform where everyone can make their dreams come true.

Building a Safe Metaverse.

ZEPETO is committed to maintaining an environment that promotes trust and safety for our community. Our safety mission is simple, “Building a Safe Metaverse”  …or our internal motto is “We must protect this house!” So, where do we begin? It starts with instilling confidence and raising trust. We truly believe that the Trust in community comes before anything else.

During the pandemic, people mainly focused on public institutions’ ability to deliver better containment, mitigation, vaccination strategy and other measures. But the public later realized that it wasn’t just about having an expensive technological infrastructure or the number of resources you pour in. It came down to how much citizens trusted their governments. Early evidence has found that higher levels of confidence in national public institutions were associated with lower national COVID-19 mortality rates (Elgar and others, 2020). It was also consistent with evidence from previous public health crises—including SARS, H1N1 and Ebola—where high public trust was found to be a crucial determinant for successful responses (Chuang and others, 2015). We saw and learned that Trust can deliver Safety to our society. 

With this in mind, ZEPETO has decided to put our users’ trust as our top and foremost important priority. We will specifically focus on three aspects to build trust:

  • Humanity: We will offer kindness, fairness and empathy to our users to feel safe and included.
  • Transparency: We will share information and communicate accurately and honestly into the actions we take to help keep our community safe.
  • Reliability: We will continually improve the quality of our safety programs and features, and show that we will live up to the promises.

On another note, we also want to be candid and recognize that online abuse is a difficult problem to solve and is an industry-wide challenge. Many technology-driven protections may not catch all instances of abuse; however, we’re committed to continuously enhancing our existing strategy and introducing industry-leading technology to keep our community safe. We will be heavily investing in resources and building sophisticated tools to better protect the integrity of our community. 

We also believe in having robust community guidelines. Our community guidelines are designed to share our mission, direction, promises, and our approaches to achieving trust through safety and soundness. It is also a form of building a collective consciousness among communities to drive the trust and safety of our platform. Our approaches are:

  • Firm as we have a zero-tolerance policy against violations like predatory behavior, child abuse, hate, terrorism, etc.
  • Attentive as we want to hear from our community on how we can improve.
  • Collaborative as we will not pretend that “We can solve it all” but we will engage with global stakeholders including subject matter experts, academics, and civil society organizations to seek their input. Our policy development process will be open, inclusive, and transparent.

And Then What? This year (2022), we are committed to delivering the below three (3) initiatives to our community:

  • Trust and Safety Team
    • To further strengthen our commitment, we have merged different functions in our company into a single dedicated Trust and Safety team. ZEPETO’s Trust and Safety team will be laser-focused on developing robust policies, implementing strategic features to enhance our user safety, removing potentially violative contents and items, and above all, working with our users and global stakeholders to promote a safer Metaverse. Our Trust and Safety team will work around the clock and around the globe to ensure our users can safely go on exciting adventures and bring their ideas to life. We are not robots sending automated messages behind the computer but humans who truly cares about the People. Every Trust and Safety team member will be approaching our mission through one lens: “Would we let our family members use this app?”.
  • Better Technology
    • Technology has transformed our lives. It gave us opportunities to connect globally, instantly. The down side? Technology became a medium for abusers and helped abusers exploit faster and easier than before. “He who ties the bell has to untie it himself” (解铃还须系铃人/결자해지). Therefore, while understanding that technology alone can’t solve online abuse, we will lead the way to utilize our technology to untie the bell. ZEPETO will be developing robust internal tools to detect and triage abuses, and leveraging external resources to widen our detection capabilities. We will also use our technology to educate and empower our users by giving them the information they need to protect themselves online.
  • Updated Community Guidelines
    • We will be rolling out updated Community Guidelines. We will enhance our Community Guidelines by asking fundamental questions: Are they robust? Are they fair and inclusive? Are they consistent across the board? Are they ethical? And are they human? ZEPETO’s Community Guidelines are our commitment to upholding integrity of our platform and responsibility towards our community. The reality is that we can’t solve all the problems in the world on our own. We will work closely with experts of public safety and human rights and listen to our community to ensure their voices and expertise are reflected on our Community Guidelines.

We are in the unique position to build our policies from a place of knowledge. We’ve learned from the approaches of the Coronavirus response as well as our industry peers – from their successes and failures. And we will take these learnings and analyses and continue to improve on them. We aren’t looking to settle for “tried and true” but to explore beyond the existing realms of possibility. After all, that’s what the Metaverse is meant to be: a place that redefines what’s possible.

And to share a bit of my personal mission, I like to imagine my two-year-old growing up and asking me “Dad, did you do anything to make us safe (from online abuse)?” And my answer to this question will be a resounding yes. I may experience failures along the way, but I will never give up on building a safe metaverse for my child and for yours.

Help us help you make your dreams come true on ZEPETO.

Thank you,

By Jun Young Ro, CAMS, Vice President, Trust and Safety, on behalf of the ZEPETO family

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