ZEPETO Safety Center

As a virtual platform dedicated to helping everyone make their dreams come true, our community’s safety continues to be a priority for our organization.

We are thrilled to announce that ZEPETO is partnering with the Trust and Safety Professional Association (“TSPA”). TSPA supports a global community of professionals leading the development and enforcement of the principles and policies that define acceptable behavior and content online.

“The work of trust and safety professionals is critical to the health and safety of the internet and society at large. It is often challenging and difficult work as they address some of the most pressing and hardest multidisciplinary issues in online trust and safety,” reads the TSPA mission statement. “Online trust and safety is critical to healthy societal interactions, and it’s imperative to support the professionals who are doing this important work.”

Through this partnership, all of our employees working on trust and safety issues will automatically become members of the TSPA community. This means that our team will have access to:

TSPA’s library of resources about different trust and safety topics that members can access to expand their knowledge at their own pace, no matter where they are in their professional journey
Various TSPA-held virtual and in-person events (lectures, expert talks, panel discussions, and closed roundtables on sensitive or highly relevant issues) in order to advance their professional development
TSPA’s working groups to connect with other trust and safety professionals grappling with similar issues for advice, referrals, and support.

We are excited to continue working with the TSPA to invest in our employee’s growth and well-being. We look forward to working with our industry peers to share and adopt best practices in trust and safety as we continue to protect our community from abuse and promote safety on ZEPETO.

For more information, please visit: www.tspa.org

Thank you,

By Jun Young Ro, CSM, CAMS, Vice President, Trust and Safety

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