ZEPETO Safety Center

We have experienced another tragic loss of innocent lives, just ten days after a gunman walked into a Tops Friendly Markets store firing 50 shots that killed ten people and injured three others, in one of the worst hate crimes against our Black community.

Words fail to describe the horror we felt as we learned of the mass shooting in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 innocent children and two (2) devoted teachers. Many more were injured.

We want to express our sincere condolences to the families, friends, and communities of the victims of these horrendous acts. Our hearts also go out to those for whom these recent events bring painful memories. 

As these unfathomable events continue to arise too frequently, we must all remind ourselves that this is NOT OK. As Senator Chris Murphy stated in his speech to the Senate, “What are we doing? This is not inevitable. These kids weren’t ‘unlucky’.” Battling hate, preventing violence, and protecting our communities must be an intentional, active effort.

ZEPETO will continue to stand against hate, violence, marginalization and exclusion, especially toward the most vulnerable. We are committed to countering hate and centering inclusion.

As parents, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, and members of a community, these acts of senseless violence cut deeply for all of our team members. And we at ZEPETO stand in full solidarity against gun violence and all acts of hatred.

If you find that you need additional support in these moments of grief, please visit our crisis resource page. We also encourage our community to be informed on gun violence prevention. Please visit the American Psychological Association’s gun violence prevention page for more information.

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