ZEPETO Safety Center

“Hello, I’m Soteria. I just joined Team ZEPETO to help make our community safer through every step of our journey!”

ZEPETO’s safety team has been focused on robust ways to protect our users, while also thinking about what safety looks like in the metaverse. Earlier this year, we released a series of key resources to equip our community with safety information including ZEPETO Guardian’s Guide, Crisis Resources, and Fighting online grooming as a community. We are also regularly posting in our Safety Center blog to share our ongoing efforts and highlight any safety-related updates to our platform. But how do we truly embed safety in the metaverse?

To start, we are pleased to introduce Soteria, our new safety icon. As the ZEPETO team’s new dedicated safety representative, Soteria will communicate how ZEPETO prevents and detects harm. And most importantly, we hope Soteria becomes a truly accessible resource inside and outside our app that empowers and educates our users on online safety. Our goal is to uphold the Dignity, Diversity, Inclusivity, Transparency, Trust, and Safety of ZEPETO. We know that safety isn’t just lines of code or people sitting in front of a screen, but something that needs to be felt, experienced, and embedded in ZEPETO for our users.

Soteria will be an active member of the ZEPETO community and create ZEPETO user tutorials, provide safety resources, encourage kindness, help our users feel seen and heard, and most importantly, help users feel empowered to protect this community together.

We have a long journey ahead in building a safer metaverse, but rest assured that we will be safer with Soteria.



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