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There’s something about the impending new year that always prompts many of us to reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the last twelve months. 

The engine of the ZEPETO team was engaged in full steam this year to ensure our product truly delivered a joyful and fun experience. All of our teams across different functions– including Trust and Safety, Engineering, Product, Content, and Growth– worked toward the common goal of enriching our community and building a safer metaverse.

On March 10th of this year, we published our very first Safety Blog and promised to set trust and safety as the foundation of our community. We made a commitment to instill safety by design and highlighted our key priorities– and we are grateful to be able to share our progress since then.

  • ZEPETO Trust and Safety team
    • We invested heavily in convening a multi-disciplinary team of experts across policy, content moderation, operations, program management, data analytics, risk  intelligence, and engineering. We formed a dedicated T&S team with a 300% increase in headcount and in 2023, and we will be able to take even more strategic and deliberate steps to develop ways to keep our users safe.
  • Updated Community Guidelines
  • Enhanced technology
    • We expanded our detection capabilities to identify and triage different types of abuse more efficiently and built wider nets to find potentially harmful media and text with higher precision and accuracy. Additionally, we integrated an anti-grooming classifier in collaboration with Thorn to fight against the increasing threat of online child grooming. 
  • Collaboration with experts
  • Clearer reporting
    • We unveiled our new in-app reporting interface to make the process more straightforward, comprehensive, consistent, and accessible for users across all of our features. The revamp included features like additional touchpoints to block a user during the reporting process and links to relevant Support pages for information on reporting cybercrimes, copyright violations, and accessing crisis resources.
    • We also established a zero-tolerance policy for certain violations: one instance leads to an immediate and permanent ban from our platform. Review our Community Guidelines to see what actions are subject to our zero-tolerance policy.
  • Embedded into the metaverse
    • We contemplated how we could be more present in our platform to help users feel more seen, heard, and empowered to protect the community together and became the first metaverse company to create an official safety avatar. We challenged our community to envision someone they believe could represent our team and uphold ZEPETO’s values and introduced the world to Soteria
  • Focused on education and transparency
    • Safety resources: We released a series of key content resources in ZEPETO Support to educate our community on important safety topics. These included our ZEPETO Guardian’s Guide, Crisis Resources, and anti-grooming guide.
    • Safety blog: We posted about the ongoing development of our tools, partnerships, and resources through this Safety Center blog to keep users informed and host a direct communication outlet to continue earning our community’s trust. 

As we look ahead to a new year, we want to set our goals with intention and direction once again. For some insight into our plans for 2023:

  1. Community moderation
    • We are creating a system for our users to help promote positive behavior, reduce bad behavior, and improve the ZEPETO experience. Along with Soteria, we will be identifying trusted and respected members of our community to act as safety supporters that are diligent about reporting abuse.
  2. More convenient blocking
    • We plan to overhaul User Block features to make it easier for our users to prevent unwanted interactions.
  3. Clearer communication
    • We will update our notification messaging to users who violate our Community Guidelines to clearly state what policy was violated and its consequences to better educate them on the content and conduct that ZEPETO does and does not tolerate.
    • We also plan to update our appeals process to be more straightforward, so that users who have been subject to erroneous enforcement actions can easily reach our team to correct the decision. 
  4. Data, technology, and transparency
    • We are near the completion of Phase I for our next-generation technology, which involved a year of diligent research and data analysis. By analyzing past and current data, we hope to improve our understanding of abuse, accurately forecast emerging trends of abuse, and use this knowledge to refine and enhance our prevention and detection technology around specific issues for Phase II.
    • Using this data, we are also excited to release our first Transparency Report in 2023 to hold our platform more accountable to our community and provide visibility into the risks, realities, and strength behind our platform and our efforts.

We are so grateful for the support of our community over the past year and promise to continue to devote our hearts, minds, and spirits to ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and welcoming ZEPETO experience.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

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