ZEPETO Safety Center

We firmly believe that every individual contributes to technology’s impact. By learning, practicing, and sharing how to use technology responsibly, each person creates a healthier, more inclusive experience for our greater community. 

While our teams continue to develop intelligent technological safety solutions, it is also critical to provide users with the resources to navigate difficult situations, as well as empower them with educational and applicable content.

In honor of Safer Internet Day 2023, we collaborated with our partner ConnectSafely for their Family Program to discuss ZEPETO’s approach to safety and help raise awareness on how to stay safe online.

Established in Europe in 2003 and now celebrated in over 100 countries around the world, Safer Internet Day is a campaign aimed at informing the public on emerging online issues– ranging from cyberbullying to protecting identity to mental health– as well as empowering individuals to engage with technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively. 

To celebrate SID2023 within ZEPETO, we are hosting our #BeKind campaign, with the goal of spotlighting the harms of cyberbullying and encouraging positive interactions. The campaign calls on our users to get creative and engage in acts of kindness to other members of the community: leaving supportive comments, hosting fun rooms in ZEPETO World, or sharing tips on how to stay safe online. 

Additionally, we will be highlighting our safety guides in app through our safety avatar Soteria’s account to refresh our community on what resources are available.

Explore ZEPETO’s safety resources:

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